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Category Activity
occupation active workstation, treadmill desk, walking
occupation airline flight attendant
occupation bakery, general, moderate effort
occupation bakery, light effort
occupation bookbinding
occupation building road, driving heavy machinery
occupation building road, directing traffic, standing
occupation carpentry, general, light effort
occupation carpentry, general, moderate effort
occupation carpentry, general, heavy or vigorous effort
occupation carrying heavy loads (e.g., bricks, tools)
occupation carrying moderate loads up stairs, moving boxes 25-49 lbs
occupation chambermaid, hotel housekeeper, making bed, cleaning bathroom, pushing cart
occupation coal mining, drilling coal, rock
occupation coal mining, erecting supports
occupation coal mining, general
occupation coal mining, shoveling coal
occupation cook, chef
occupation construction, outside, remodeling, new structures (e.g., roof repair, miscellaneous)
occupation custodial work, light effort (e.g., cleaning sink and toilet, dusting, vacuuming, light cleaning)
occupation custodial work, moderate effort (e.g., electric buffer, feathering arena floors, mopping, taking out trash, vacuuming)
occupation electrical work (e.g., hook up wire, tapping-splicing)
occupation engineer (e.g., mechanical or electrical)
occupation farming, vigorous effort (e.g., baling hay, cleaning barn)
occupation farming, moderate effort (e.g., feeding animals, chasing cattle by walking and/or horseback, spreading manure, harvesting crops)
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