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Category Activity
sports Alaska Native Games, Eskimo Olympics, general
sports archery, non-hunting
sports badminton, competitive (Taylor Code 450)
sports badminton, social singles and doubles, general
sports basketball, game (Taylor Code 490)
sports basketball, non-game, general (Taylor Code 480)
sports basketball, general
sports basketball, officiating (Taylor Code 500)
sports basketball, shooting baskets
sports basketball, drills, practice
sports basketball, wheelchair
sports billiards
sports bowling (Taylor Code 390)
sports bowling, indoor, bowling alley
sports boxing, in ring, general
sports boxing, punching bag
sports boxing, sparring
sports broomball
sports children’s games, adults playing (e.g., hopscotch, 4-square, dodgeball, playground apparatus, t-ball, tetherball, marbles, arcade games), moderate effort
sports cheerleading, gymnastic moves, competitive
sports coaching, football, soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, etc.
sports coaching, actively playing sport with players
sports cricket, batting, bowling, fielding
sports croquet
sports curling
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