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ID Food
20002 amaranth grain,ckd
20001 amaranth,unckd
20003 arrowroot flour
20130 barley flour or meal
20131 barley malt flr
20004 barley,hulled
20006 barley,pearled,cooked
20005 barley,pearled,raw
20008 buckwheat
20011 buckwheat flr,whole-groat
20010 buckwheat groats,rstd,ckd
20009 buckwheat groats,rstd,dry
20013 bulgur,cooked
20012 bulgur,dry
20015 corn bran,crude
20018 corn flr,degermed,unenr,yel
20017 corn flr,masa,enr,white
20317 corn flr,masa,enr,yel
20019 corn flr,masa,unenr,white
20315 corn flr,whole-grain,blue (harina de maiz morado)
20316 corn flr,whole-grain,white
20016 corn flr,whole-grain,yel
20314 corn,white
20014 corn,yellow
20322 cornmeal,degermed,enr,white
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