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ID Food
6979 adobo fresco
6513 campbell bowls,98% fat free new england clam chowder
6996 campbell's au jus gravy
6997 campbell's bf gravy
6998 campbell's brown gravy w/ onions
6999 campbell's chick gravy
6464 campbell's chnky soups,tantalizin' trky - trky chili bns sp
27007 campbell's chnky,healthy requst microwavbl ,chick nodle soup
6242 campbell's chunky microwavable bwls,chck dmplings soup
6385 campbell's chunky soups,barbeque seasoned burger soup
6386 campbell's chunky soups,bbq seasoned pork soup
6387 campbell's chunky soups,bf rib rst potatoes herbs soup
27004 campbell's chunky soups,bf stew - full
27005 campbell's chunky soups,bf stroganof -
6388 campbell's chunky soups,bf w/ country veg soup
6389 campbell's chunky soups,bf w/ white & wild rice soup
6383 campbell's chunky soups,bkd potato cheddar bacon bits soup
6384 campbell's chunky soups,bkd potato w/ steak & chs soup
6392 campbell's chunky soups,chick broccoli chs & potato soup
6393 campbell's chunky soups,chick corn chowder
6394 campbell's chunky soups,chick mushroom chowder
6396 campbell's chunky soups,fajita chick w/ rice & bns soup
6398 campbell's chunky soups,firehouse - hot spicy bf bean chili
6399 campbell's chunky soups,grilled chick sausage gumbo soup
6400 campbell's chunky soups,grilled chick veg & pasta soup
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