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Learn How Health-e Thought Text Messages Can Help You

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Most people who are changing their nutrition and exercise habits to lose weight have trouble putting what they know they should do into practice. The problem is that their usual unhealthy behaviors are so automatic that they need help remembering to substitute their new healthier behaviors when the occasion arises.

With Health-e Thought Text Messages you schedule text messages to yourself to give you encouragement and tips to help you stick to your weight loss plan just when you need them. They cover situations both at home and when you travel. You set the starting and stopping date as well as the time where relevant. In fact, if the behavior involves traveling, you can adjust the timing of the text messages to the time zone of your destination.

Choose to schedule your text messages from the menu on the left. You can use the menu to view the messages you have scheduled and delete those you no longer wish to continue. Use these tools until your new, healthier behaviors have become automatic. Remember, depending on your cell phone company, there may be costs associated with each text message you receive and send through this service.