Need Help Working Your Program?

Some people are starting their weight loss plan, but they may need help on meal planning. Some may need helpful reminders of the appropriate choices to make when faced with some of the common weight loss plan challenges, such as grocery shopping or eating out. We have the information and tools on to help them successfully implement their plan and meet those challenges ...And they are absolutely FREE!

If this sounds like you, there are a couple of tools on the site you might find helpful:

  • The Learning Center - Learn the basics of the nutrition and exercise components of a healthy weight loss program.
  • Nutrition Tools - Calculate your BMI and the nutritional content of your meals to help you compare your meal plan choices.
  • Make Your Plan - Follow and update your weight loss plan to help you attain your goals.
  • Health-e Texts (requires registration) - Schedule text messages to help you stay on track with your meal and exercise plans, while you're at home or away or when dining out or grocery shopping Register Now
  • Health Tracking (requires registration) - Track your blood pressures, cholesterol and blood sugars. Many individuals who lose weight find improvements in some or all of these. Register Now

In addition to these you may use any of the other tools and functions on the site. At this time they are all free though some may require you to register so we can send you text or e-mail messages or if you are tracking measures or test results, such as your blood pressure or cholesterol values, we know whose they are.


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