Team Up - Slim Down

About Team Up - Slim Down!

Team Up - Slim Down provides an opportunity for faith-based organizations, medical practices, employers and other organizations to leverage the power of social networking to help their congregations, patients and employees attain their weight loss goals. These organizations can sponsor weight loss competitions through Insights For Health. Each participant chooses a team and pays a nominal entry fee. During the course of the competition, the sponsor holds weekly weigh-ins. At the end of the contest, members of the winning team get a portion of all the entry fees along with the sponsor.

If one of the organizations to which you belong sponsors a Team Up - Slim Down, you will get notified how to join a team and enter the competition. As a participant of Team Up - Slim Down you can team up with relatives, friends or strangers who also want to reach specific weight loss goals. As a team you will support one another as you work to lose the greatest percentage of your combined baseline weights compared with the other teams competing during the competition period. Each member of the winning team will get back their competition entry fee and more.

As a participant you can use the menu on the left to send Team E-Mails to your teammates to share experiences, challenges and successful weight loss strategies. You can also check your weight loss progress as well as your team's according to the officially recorded weights.

In addition you and your teammates are encouraged to use the other tools, such as the Health-e Text Messages to help you reach your goals and win the competition.

If you represent an organization that may wish to sponsor a Team Up - Slim Down competition, click here to contact us or e-mail to get more details.


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