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ID Food
19139 bak choc,mars snackfood us,m&m's semiswt choc mini bak bits
19146 baking choc,mars snackfood us,m&m's milk choc mini bak bits
19124 baking choc,mexican,squares
19077 baking choc,unswtnd,liq
19078 baking choc,unswtnd,squares
19076 candies, caramels, chocolate-flavor roll
19913 candies, nestle, butterfinger crisp
19098 candies,5th avenue candy bar
19065 candies,almond joy candy bar
19070 candies,butterscotch
19075 candies,caramello candy bar
19074 candies,caramels
19071 candies,carob,unswtnd
43031 candies,choc covered,caramel w/nuts
19905 candies,choc,dk,nfs (45-59% cacao sol 90%; 60-69% cacao sol
19085 candies,confectioner's coating,butterscotch
19086 candies,confectioner's coating,pnut butter
19079 candies,confectioner's coating,yogurt
19910 candies,crispy bar w/ pnut butter filling
19384 candies,divinity,prepared-from-recipe
19268 candies,dk choc coatd coffee bns
19099 candies,fondant,prepared-from-recipe
19919 candies,fruit snacks,w/ hi vit c
19379 candies,fudge,choc marshmllw,prepared-from-recipe
19301 candies,fudge,choc marshmllw,w/ nuts,prepared-by-recipe
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