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ID Food
19916 syrups,choc,hershey's sugar free,genuine choc flav,lite syru
19349 syrups,corn,dk
19351 syrups,corn,high-fructose
19350 syrups,corn,lt
43026 syrups,dietetic
42040 syrups,grenadine
19352 syrups,malt
19353 syrups,maple
19355 syrups,sorghum
19361 syrups,table blends,cane&15% maple
19362 syrups,table blends,corn,refiner,&sugar
19129 syrups,table blends,pancake
19128 syrups,table blends,pancake,red-cal
19360 syrups,table blends,pancake,w/2% maple
19720 syrups,table blends,pancake,w/2% maple,w/ k
19113 syrups,table blends,pancake,w/butter
19364 toppings,butterscotch or caramel
19365 toppings,marshmllw crm
19367 toppings,nuts in syrup
19366 toppings,pineapple
19137 toppings,strawberry
42185 yogurt,frz,choc,non-fat milk,w/lo cal swtnr
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