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ID Food
5168 turkey,whl,meat only,ckd,rstd
5167 turkey,whl,meat only,raw
5729 turkey,wing,from whl bird,enhanced,meat only,raw
5730 turkey,wing,from whl bird,enhanced,meat only,rstd
5227 turkey,wing,from whl bird,non-enhanced,meat only,raw
5228 turkey,wing,from whl bird,non-enhanced,meat only,rstd
43366 turkey,wing,smoked,ckd,w/skn,bone removed
5236 turkey,young hen,skn only,ckd,rstd
5336 usda cmdty chick,cnd,meat only,drnd
5353 usda cmdty,chick fajita strips,frz
5338 usda cmdty,chick,cnd,meat only,w/ broth
5337 usda cmdty,chick,cnd,meat only,w/ h2o
5354 usda cmdty,turkey taco meat,frz,ckd
5600 usda commodity,turkey ham,dk meat,smoked,frz
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