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ID Food
23294 beef,australian,grssfd,loin,tndrln steak/roast,bnless,ln,raw
23307 beef,australian,grssfd,rib,ribeye stk/rst lip-on,bnls,ln,raw
23308 beef,australian,grssfd,rnd,bttm rnd steak/roast,bnlss,ln,raw
23300 beef,australian,wagyu,external fat,aust. marble score 9,raw
23298 beef,australian,wagyu,external fat,mrbl scr 4/5,raw
23320 beef,australian,wagyu,loin,top ln stk/rst,ln & fat,mrbl scr
23301 beef,australian,wagyu,seam fat,aust. marble score 9,raw
23299 beef,australian,wagyu,seam fat,mrbl scr 4/5,raw
23302 beef,australn,grs-fed,loin,tendrln stk/rst,bnls,ln & fat,raw
23305 beef,australn,grs-fed,loin,top loin stk/rst,bnls,ln & fat,rw
13596 beef,brisket,flat half,bnless ln,0" fat,all choice,raw
13595 beef,brisket,flat half,bnless ln,0" fat,all grds,raw
13904 beef,brisket,flat half,bnless,ln & fat,0" fat,all grds,raw
13975 beef,brisket,flat half,bnless,ln & fat,0" fat,choic,raw
13983 beef,brisket,flat half,bnless,ln & fat,0" fat,sel,raw
13597 beef,brisket,flat half,bnless,ln,0" fat,sel,raw
13165 beef,brisket,flat half,ln & fat,0" fat,choic,ckd,brsd
13950 beef,brisket,flat half,ln & fat,0" fat,sel,ckd,brsd
23660 beef,brisket,flat half,ln & fat,1/8" fat,choic,ckd,brsd
23658 beef,brisket,flat half,ln & fat,1/8" fat,choic,raw
13055 beef,brisket,flat half,ln & fat,1/8" fat,sel,ckd,brsd
23659 beef,brisket,flat half,ln & fat,1/8" fat,sel,raw
13369 beef,brisket,flat half,ln&fat,0"fat,all grds,ckd,brsd
13806 beef,brisket,flat half,ln&fat,1/8"fat,all grds,ckd,brsd
13805 beef,brisket,flat half,ln&fat,1/8"fat,all grds,raw
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