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ID Food
23046 bf,rnd,knuckle,tip cntr,stk,ln & fat,0" fat,choic,ckd,grld
23031 bf,rnd,knuckle,tip side,steak,ln & fat,0" fat,ch,ckd,grilled
23033 bf,rnd,knuckle,tip side,steak,ln & fat,0" fat,se,ckd,grilled
23064 bf,rnd,out rnd,bttm rnd,stk,ln & fat,0" fat,all grds,ck,grld
23050 bf,rnd,out rnd,bttm rnd,stk,ln & fat,0" fat,ch,ckd,grilled
23063 bf,rnd,outside rnd,bttm rnd,steak,ln & fat,0" fat,all,raw
23049 bf,rnd,outside rnd,bttm rnd,steak,ln & fat,0" fat,choic,raw
13166 usda cmdty,bf,cnd
23501 usda commodity,bf patties w/vpp,frz,ckd
23506 usda commodity,bf patties w/vpp,frz,raw
23502 usda commodity,bf,ground bulk/coarse ground,frz,ckd
23508 usda commodity,bf,ground,bulk/coarse ground,frz,raw
23503 usda commodity,bf,patties (100%),frz,ckd
23507 usda commodity,bf,patties (100%),frz,raw
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