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ID Food
43205 beverage,inst brkfst pdr,choc,not recon
43260 beverage,inst brkfst pdr,choc,sugar-free,not recon
43078 beverage,milkshake mix,dry,not choc
1003 butter oil,anhydrous
1002 butter,whipped,with salt
1001 butter,with salt
1145 butter,without salt
1045 cheese fd,cold pk,american
1046 cheese fd,past process,american,vitamin d fort
1254 cheese fd,past process,american,wo/ added vitamin d
1047 cheese fd,past process,swiss
44048 cheese food,imitation
1215 cheese product,past process,american,red fat,fort w/ vit d
1252 cheese product,past process,american,vitamin d fort
42258 cheese product,past process,cheddar,red fat
1164 cheese sau,prep from recipe
1259 cheese sprd,american or cheddar chs base,red fat
43276 cheese sprd,crm chs base
1048 cheese sprd,past process,american
1161 cheese sub,mozzarella
43278 cheese,american cheddar,imitn
1061 cheese,american,nonfat or fat free
1004 cheese,blue
1005 cheese,brick
1006 cheese,brie
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