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ID Food
10994 bacon,pre-sliced,reduced/low na,unprep
10998 canadian bacon,ckd,pan-fried
10130 canadian bacon,unprep
10856 hormel always tender,bnless pork loin,frsh pork
10855 hormel always tender,cntr cut chops,frsh pork
10854 hormel always tender,pork loin filets,lemon garlic-flavored
10853 hormel always tender,pork tenderloin,peppercorn-flavored
10852 hormel always tender,pork tenderloin,teriyaki-flavored
10857 hormel canadian style bacon
10851 hormel,cure 81 ham
10060 pork frsh loin tenderloin ln only raw
10864 pork,bacon,rendered fat,ckd
10860 pork,cured,bacon,ckd,bkd
43378 pork,cured,bacon,ckd,brld,pan-fried or rstd,red na
10861 pork,cured,bacon,ckd,microwaved
10862 pork,cured,bacon,pre-sliced,ckd,pan-fried
10123 pork,cured,bacon,unprep
10129 pork,cured,brkfst strips,ckd
10128 pork,cured,brkfst strips,raw or unhtd
10131 pork,cured,canadian-style bacon,grilled
10167 pork,cured,fat (from ham&arm picnic),rstd
10166 pork,cured,fat (from ham&arm picnic),unhtd
10132 pork,cured,feet,pickled
10920 pork,cured,ham & h2o prdct,slce,bne-in,ln & fat,htd,pan-brl
10921 pork,cured,ham & h2o prdct,slice,bnless,ln & fat,htd,pan-brl
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