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ID Food
12060 acorn flour,full fat
12059 acorns,dried
12058 acorns,raw
12695 almond butter,pln,w/salt
12195 almond butter,pln,wo/salt
12071 almond paste
12061 almonds
12062 almonds,blanched
12563 almonds,dry rstd,w/salt
12063 almonds,dry rstd,wo/salt
12206 almonds,honey rstd,unblanched
12565 almonds,oil rstd,w/salt
12065 almonds,oil rstd,wo/salt
12077 beechnuts,dried
12078 brazilnuts,dried,unblanched
12003 breadfruit seeds,boiled
12001 breadfruit seeds,raw
12158 breadfruit seeds,roasted
12084 butternuts,dried
12588 cashew butter,pln,w/salt
12088 cashew butter,pln,wo/salt
12585 cashew nuts,dry rstd,w/salt
12085 cashew nuts,dry rstd,wo/salt
12586 cashew nuts,oil rstd,w/salt
12086 cashew nuts,oil rstd,wo/salt
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