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ID Food
14006 alcoholic bev,beer,lt
14007 alcoholic bev,beer,lt,bud lt
14005 alcoholic bev,beer,lt,budweiser sel
14013 alcoholic bev,beer,lt,michelob ultra
14003 alcoholic bev,beer,reg,all
14004 alcoholic bev,beer,reg,budweiser
14034 alcoholic bev,creme de menthe,72 proof
14009 alcoholic bev,daiquiri,cnd
14010 alcoholic bev,daiquiri,prepared-from-recipe
14037 alcoholic bev,distilled,all (gin,rum,vodka,whiskey) 80 proof
14550 alcoholic bev,distilled,all (gin,rum,vodka,whiskey) 86 proof
14551 alcoholic bev,distilled,all (gin,rum,vodka,whiskey) 90 proof
14532 alcoholic bev,distilled,all (gin,rum,vodka,whiskey) 94 proof
14533 alcoholic bev,distilled,all 100 proof
14049 alcoholic bev,distilled,gin,90 proof
14050 alcoholic bev,distilled,rum,80 proof
14051 alcoholic bev,distilled,vodka,80 proof
14052 alcoholic bev,distilled,whiskey,86 proof
14415 alcoholic bev,liqueur,coffee w/crm,34 proof
14414 alcoholic bev,liqueur,coffee,53 proof
14534 alcoholic bev,liqueur,coffee,63 proof
14015 alcoholic bev,pina colada,cnd
14017 alcoholic bev,pina colada,prepared-from-recipe
43479 alcoholic bev,rice (sake)
14019 alcoholic bev,tequila sunrise,cnd
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