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ID Food
15155 abalone,mixed species,raw
15156 abalone,mxd sp,ckd,fried
15002 anchovy,european,cnd in oil,drnd sol
15001 anchovy,european,raw
15187 bass,freshwater,mxd sp,ckd,dry heat
15003 bass,frsh h2o,mxd sp,raw
15188 bass,striped,ckd,dry heat
15004 bass,striped,raw
15189 bluefish,cooked,dry heat
15005 bluefish,raw
15190 burbot,cooked,dry heat
15006 burbot,raw
15191 butterfish,ckd,dry heat
15007 butterfish,raw
15009 carp,cooked,dry heat
15008 carp,raw
15011 catfish,channel,ckd,breaded&fried
15235 catfish,channel,farmed,ckd,dry heat
15234 catfish,channel,farmed,raw
15233 catfish,channel,wild,ckd,dry heat
15010 catfish,channel,wild,raw
15012 caviar,black&red,granular
15013 cisco,raw
15014 cisco,smoked
15157 clam,mixed species,raw
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