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ID Food
43212 bacon bits,meatless
16104 bacon,meatless
42182 bean beverage
16302 beans,adzuki,mature sd,ckd,bld,w/salt
16002 beans,adzuki,mature seeds,ckd,bld,wo/salt
16003 beans,adzuki,mature seeds,cnd,swtnd
16001 beans,adzuki,mature seeds,raw
16004 beans,adzuki,yokan,mature seeds
16005 beans,baked,home prepared
43449 beans,bkd,cnd,no salt added
16006 beans,bkd,cnd,pln or vegetarian
16007 beans,bkd,cnd,w/bf
16008 beans,bkd,cnd,w/franks
16009 beans,bkd,cnd,w/pork
16010 beans,bkd,cnd,w/pork&swt sau
16011 beans,bkd,cnd,w/pork&tomato sau
16317 beans,black turtle,mature seeds,ckd,bld,w/ salt
16017 beans,black turtle,mature seeds,ckd,bld,wo/ salt
16018 beans,black turtle,mature seeds,cnd
16016 beans,black turtle,mature seeds,raw
16315 beans,black,mature seeds,ckd,bld,w/salt
16015 beans,black,mature seeds,ckd,bld,wo/salt
16316 beans,black,mature seeds,cnd,lo na
16014 beans,black,mature seeds,raw
43112 beans,chili,barbecue,ranch style,ckd
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