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ID Food
2001 allspice,ground
2002 anise seed
2044 basil,fresh
2054 capers,canned
2005 caraway seed
2007 celery seed
2008 chervil,dried
2009 chili powder
2010 cinnamon,ground
2011 cloves,ground
2012 coriander leaf,dried
2013 coriander seed
2014 cumin seed
2015 curry powder
2016 dill seed
2017 dill weed,dried
2045 dill weed,frsh
2018 fennel seed
2019 fenugreek seed
2020 garlic powder
2021 ginger,ground
2055 horseradish,prepared
2022 mace,ground
2023 marjoram,dried
2046 mustard,prepared,yellow
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