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ID Food
21005 breakfast items,biscuit w/egg&sausage
21251 burger king, chsbrgr
21256 burger king,chick strips
21385 burger king,croissan'wich w/ egg & chs
21384 burger king,croissan'wich w/ sausage & chs
21383 burger king,croissan'wich w/ sausage,egg & chs
21506 burger king,double cheeseburger
21254 burger king,double whopper,no chs
21255 burger king,double whopper,w/ chs
21249 burger king,french fr
21386 burger king,french toast stks
21250 burger king,hamburger
21387 burger king,hash brown rounds
21509 burger king,onion rings
21259 burger king,original chick sndwch
21258 burger king,premium fish sndwch
21141 burger king,vanilla shake
21252 burger king,whopper,no chs
21253 burger king,whopper,w/ chs
21462 crispy chick,bacon,& tomato club sndwch,w/ chs,letuce,& mayo
21473 digiorno pizza,chs topping,chs stuffed crust,frz,bkd
21474 digiorno pizza,chs topping,rising crust,frz,bkd
21475 digiorno pizza,chs topping,thin crispy crust,frz,bkd
21476 digiorno pizza,pepperoni topping,chs stuffed crust,frz,bkd
21477 digiorno pizza,pepperoni topping,rising crust,frz,bkd
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