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ID Food
22402 beef macaroni w/ tomato sau,frz entree,red fat
22529 beef pot pie,frz entree,prep
22905 beef stew,canned entree
22908 beef,corned bf hash,w/ potato,cnd
22918 burrito, bean and cheese, frozen
22917 burrito,bf & bean,frz
22928 burrito,bf & bean,microwaved
22965 campbell's,spaghettios original,easy open
22939 campbell's,spaghettios raviolios bf ravioli in meat sau
22929 campbell's,spaghettios,mini bf ravioli in meat sau
22930 campbell's,spaghettios,spaghetti in tomato & chs sau
22932 campbell's,spaghettios,spaghettios a to z's
22942 campbell's,spaghettios,spaghettios a to z's w/ meatballs
22937 campbell's,spaghettios,spaghettios in meat sau
22931 campbell's,spaghettios,spaghettios original
22938 campbell's,spaghettios,spaghettios plus ca
22966 campbell's,spaghettios,w/ meatballs -
22906 chicken pot pie,frz entree,prep
22978 chicken tenders,breaded,frz,prep
22974 chicken,nuggets,dk & white meat,preckd,frz,not rehtd
22975 chicken,nuggets,white meat,preckd,frz,not rehtd
22904 chili con carne w/bns,cnd entree
22969 chili w/ bns,microwavable bowls
22911 chili,no bns,cnd entree
22973 corn dogs,frz,prep
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