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ID Food
19400 banana chips
19002 beef jerky,chopd&formed
43595 breakfast bar,corn flake crust w/fruit
43100 breakfast bars,oats,sugar,raisins,cocnt (incl granola bar)
19434 cheese puffs & twists,corn bsd,bkd,lofat
19419 corn cakes
19800 corn cakes,very lo na
19004 corn-based,extruded,chips,barbecue-flavor
19003 corn-based,extruded,chips,pln
19005 corn-based,extruded,cones,pln
19008 corn-based,extruded,puffs or twists,cheese-flavor
19401 cornnuts,barbecue-flavor
19009 cornnuts,plain
19403 crisped rice bar,almond
19010 crisped rice bar,choc chip
25006 form bar,mars snack us,snickers marathon double choc nut bar
25016 form bar,mars snack us,snickers marathon energy bar,all flav
25004 form bar,mars snack us,snickersmarathonchewchocpnut bar
25010 form bar,mars snackfood us,cocoavia,choc almond
25018 form bar,mars snackfood us,cocoavia,choc blueberry
25008 form bar,mars snackfood us,snickers marathon hon nut oat bar
25005 form bar,mars snkf us,snickers marathon multigrncrunch
25031 form bar,zone perfect classic crunch bar,mxd flavors
25015 formbar,marssnack,snickers marathonprotperfbar,carmelnutrush
25045 formulated bar, high fiber, chewy, oats and chocolate
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