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ID Food
35182 acorn stew (apache)
35193 agave,ckd (southwest)
35194 agave,dried (southwest)
35192 agave,raw (southwest)
35225 agutuk,fish w/ shortening (alaskan ice cream) (alaska native
35001 agutuk,fish/berry w/ seal oil (ice cream) (alaska native)
35003 agutuk,meat-caribou (alaskan ice cream) (alaska native)
35004 ascidians (tunughnak) (alaska native)
35007 bear,black,meat (alaska native)
35008 bear,polar,meat,raw (alaska native)
35015 blackberries,wild,raw (alaska native)
35017 blueberries,wild,frz (alaska native)
35155 blueberries,wild,raw (alaska native)
35240 bread,blue corn,somiviki (hopi)
35140 bread,kneel down (navajo)
35176 buffalo,free range,top rnd steak,ckd (shoshone bannock)
35174 buffalo,free range,top rnd steak,raw (shoshone bannock)
35021 caribou,bone marrow,raw (alaska native)
35022 caribou,eye,raw (alaska native)
35162 caribou,hind quarter meat,raw (alaska native)
35211 caribou,hind quarter,meat,ckd (alaska native)
35023 caribou,liver,raw (alaska native)
35160 caribou,rump meat,half dried (alaska native)
35161 caribou,shldr meat,dried (alaska native)
35025 caribou,tongue,raw (alaska native)
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