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ID Food
36000 applebee's,9 oz house sirloin steak
36023 applebee's,chick tenders platter
36005 applebee's,chick tenders,from kids' menu
36019 applebee's,chili
36021 applebee's,coleslaw
36022 applebee's,crunchy onion rings
36001 applebee's,double crunch shrimp
36018 applebee's,fish,hand battered
36002 applebee's,french fr
36003 applebee's,kraft,macaroni & chs,from kid's menu
36004 applebee's,mozzarella stks
36024 cracker barrel,chick tenderloin platter,fried
36604 cracker barrel,chick tenderloin platter,fried,frm kid's menu
36025 cracker barrel,coleslaw
36605 cracker barrel,country fried shrimp platter
36606 cracker barrel,farm raised catfish platter
36608 cracker barrel,grilled sirloin steak
36040 cracker barrel,macaroni n' chs
36609 cracker barrel,macaroni n' chs plate,from kid's menu
36026 cracker barrel,onion rings,thick-cut
36607 cracker barrel,steak fries
36614 denny's,chick nuggets,star shaped,from kid's menu
36027 denny's,chick strips
36028 denny's,coleslaw
36029 denny's,fish fillet,battered or breaded,fried
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