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ID Food
4609 animal fat,bacon grease
43214 butter replcmnt,wo/fat,pdr
4601 butter,lt,stk,w/salt
4602 butter,lt,stk,wo/salt
42116 creamy drsng,made w/sour crm and/or bttrmlk&oil,red cal
42158 creamy drsng,w/sour crm and/or bttrmlk&oil,red cal,chol-free
42157 crmy drsg,mde w/ sour crm and/or btrmlk & oil,red cal,ftfree
4706 dressing,honey mustard,fat-free
4001 fat,beef tallow
4542 fat,chicken
4574 fat,duck
4576 fat,goose
4520 fat,mutton tallow
4575 fat,turkey
4589 fish oil,cod liver
4590 fish oil,herring
4591 fish oil,menhaden
4592 fish oil,menhaden,fully hydr
4593 fish oil,salmon
4594 fish oil,sardine
4002 lard
4630 margarine sprd,approx 48% fat,tub
4629 margarine, veg oil sprd,70% fat,soybn & part hydr soybn,stk
4628 margarine,80% fat,stk,incl reg & hydr corn & soybn oils
4684 margarine,80% fat,tub,canola harvest soft sprd
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