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ID Food
43218 cereals rte,alpen
43584 cereals rte,amaranth flakes
8657 cereals rte,barbara's puffins,original
8606 cereals rte,bear naked banana nut
8607 cereals rte,bear naked cranberry raisin
8645 cereals rte,bear naked nut cluster crunch,honey almond
8646 cereals rte,bear naked nut cluster crunch,maple pecan walnut
8204 cereals rte,chocolate-flavored frstd puffed corn
8022 cereals rte,corn flakes,lo na
43241 cereals rte,familia
42236 cereals rte,frstd oat crl w/marshmallows
8595 cereals rte,general mills cinn chex
8019 cereals rte,general mills corn chex
8579 cereals rte,general mills,25% less sugar cinn toast crunch
8586 cereals rte,general mills,25% less sugar trix
8263 cereals rte,general mills,appl cinn cheerios
8678 cereals rte,general mills,appl cinn chex
8262 cereals rte,general mills,basic 4
8274 cereals rte,general mills,berry berry kix
8239 cereals rte,general mills,berry burst cheerios,triple berry
8273 cereals rte,general mills,boo berry
8013 cereals rte,general mills,cheerios
8592 cereals rte,general mills,cheerios,banana nut
8593 cereals rte,general mills,cheerios,choc
8553 cereals rte,general mills,cheerios,yogurt burst,strawberry
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