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ID Food
9427 abiyuch,raw
9002 acerola juice,raw
9001 acerola,(west indian cherry),raw
9400 apple juc,cnd or btld,unswtnd,w/ added vit c
9016 apple juc,cnd or btld,unswtnd,wo/ added vit c
9018 apple juc,frz conc,unswtnd,dil w/3 volume h2o wo/ vit c
9411 apple juc,frz conc,unswtnd,dil w/3 volume h2o,w/ vit c
9410 apple juc,frz conc,unswtnd,undil,w/ vit c
9017 apple juc,frz conc,unswtnd,undil,wo/ vit c
9008 apples,cnd,swtnd,sliced,drnd,htd
9007 apples,cnd,swtnd,sliced,drnd,unhtd
9010 apples,dehyd (lo moist),sulfured,stwd
9009 apples,dehyd (lo moist),sulfured,unckd
9013 apples,dried,sulfured,stwd,w/ sugar
9012 apples,dried,sulfured,stwd,wo/ sugar
9011 apples,dried,sulfured,unckd
9015 apples,frz,unswtnd,htd
9014 apples,frz,unswtnd,unhtd
9504 apples,raw,fuji,w/ skn
9503 apples,raw,gala,w/ skn
9501 apples,raw,golden delicious,w/ skn
9502 apples,raw,granny smith,w/ skn
9500 apples,raw,red delicious,w/ skn
9003 apples,raw,with skin
9004 apples,raw,without skin
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