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ID Food
5749 chckn,brlr or fryrs,brst,sknlss,bnlss,meat oly,enhced,grilld
5747 chckn,brolr or fryrs,brst,sknlss,bnless,meat only,ckd,grilld
5335 chick,feet,boiled
5326 chicken breast tenders,breaded,ckd,microwaved
5324 chicken patty,frz,ckd
5323 chicken patty,frz,unckd
5002 chicken,broiler or fryer,meat&skn&giblets&neck,fried,batter
5357 chicken,broiler,rotisserie,bbq,back meat & skn
5693 chicken,broiler,rotisserie,bbq,back meat only
5358 chicken,broiler,rotisserie,bbq,breast meat & skn
5000 chicken,broiler,rotisserie,bbq,breast meat only
5359 chicken,broiler,rotisserie,bbq,drumstk meat & skn
5319 chicken,broiler,rotisserie,bbq,drumstk,meat only
5356 chicken,broiler,rotisserie,bbq,skin
5361 chicken,broiler,rotisserie,bbq,thigh meat & skn
5334 chicken,broiler,rotisserie,bbq,thigh,meat only
5362 chicken,broiler,rotisserie,bbq,wing meat & skn
5339 chicken,broiler,rotisserie,bbq,wing,meat only
5347 chicken,broilers or fryers,back,meat & skn,ckd,rotisserie,or
5054 chicken,broilers or fryers,back,meat only,ckd,fried
5341 chicken,broilers or fryers,back,meat only,ckd,rotisserie,ori
5055 chicken,broilers or fryers,back,meat only,ckd,rstd
5056 chicken,broilers or fryers,back,meat only,ckd,stwd
5053 chicken,broilers or fryers,back,meat only,raw
5049 chicken,broilers or fryers,back,meat&skn,ckd,fried,batter
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