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ID Food
23314 bee,astrln,wagyu,rb,smlend rb stk/rst,bnls,ln,mrbl scr 9,raw
23313 bee,astrln,wgyu,rb,sml end rb stk/rst,bls,ln,mrblscr 4/5,raw
13411 beef, bottom round, roast,lean only, 0" fat, choice, roasted
13980 beef, chuck, short ribs, bnl, 0" fat, choice, cked, br
23386 beef, ln, top ln stk, bneless lip-on, 1/8" fat all grdes raw
13943 beef, shoulder steak, boneless, lean only, 0", choice, grill
13327 beef, var meats&by-products, liver, ckd, pan-fried
23311 beef,astrl,wgyu,ln,tp ln stk/rst,bnls ln, aus mrbl sc 4/5 rw
23303 beef,astrlian,grssfd,loin,top loin steak/roast,bnless,ln,raw
23316 beef,astrln,grsfd,rib,rbeye stk/rst lip-on,bnls,ln & fat,raw
23309 beef,astrln,grsfd,rnd,top rnd cap-off steak/rst,bnlss,ln,raw
23318 beef,astrln,grsfd,rnd,toprnd capoff stk/rst,bnls,ln & ft,raw
23315 beef,astrln,grssfd,ln,tpsrln capoff stk/rst,bnls,ln & ft,raw
23317 beef,astrln,grssfd,rnd,bttm rnd steak/rst,bnls,ln & fat,raw
23310 beef,astrln,wagyu,ln,tndrln stk/rst,bnless,ln,mrbl scr 9,raw
23295 beef,astrln,wagyu,ln,tndrln stk/rst,bnls,ln,mrb scr 4/5,raw
23321 beef,astrln,wagyu,rib,smlnd rb stk/rst,bnls,ln &fat,mrbl scr
23323 beef,astrln,wgyu,ln,tndrln stk/rst,bnls,ln&ft,mrbl scr 9,raw
23319 beef,astrln,wgyu,ln,topln stk/rst,bls,ln&fat,mrbl scr 4/5,rw
23312 beef,astrln,wgyu,loin,top ln stk/rst,bnls,ln, mrbl scr 9,raw
23322 beef,astrln,wgyu,rb,sml end rb stk/rst,bnls,ln &fat,mrbl scr
23304 beef,aust,wagyu,ln,tdrln stk/rst,bnls,ln&fat,mrblscr 4/5,raw
23296 beef,australian,grass-fed,external fat,raw
23293 beef,australian,grass-fed,ground,85% ln / 15% fat,raw
23297 beef,australian,grass-fed,seam fat,raw
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