Getting Ready To Start Your Weight Loss Program?

Some people are almost ready to begin their weight loss journey, but they don't know exactly how to start. Often they don't yet have a plan or may not even know what to include in their plan. They may be puzzled as to where their weight should be or what goes in to a healthy diet or exercise plan. We have the information and tools on to help them create their plan and understand the next steps...And they are completely FREE!

If this sounds like you, there are a couple of tools on the site you might find helpful:

  • The Learning Center - Learn the basics of the nutrition and exercise components of a healthy weight loss program.
  • Path To Change - Studies show that people move through various stages before they successfully change their behaviors. The same is true for such behaviors as changing to a healthier eating plan or exercise plan. Learn the stages and see where you fit.
  • Make Your Plan - Set your goals and milestones, identify your barriers and their solutions, list your challenges and their solutions to develop your personalized weight loss plan.
  • Nutrition Tools - Calculate your BMI and the nutritional content of your meals to help you compare your meal plan choices.
  • Health-e Emails (requires registration) - Schedule your receipt of e-mails designed to help move you along the Path To Change. Register Now

In addition to these you may use any of the other tools and functions on the site. At this time they are all free though some may require you to register so we can send you text or e-mail messages or if you are tracking measures or test results, such as your blood pressure or cholesterol values, we know whose they are.


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