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This website is a bit different from all the others that deal with weight loss.  The concept behind weight loss is simple – consistently eat fewer calories per day than the calories you burn with your daily activities and you will lose weight.  Studies show that the diet or weight loss plan doesn’t matter as long as you stick to it.  The tough part is sticking to it.  We’ll help you follow whichever one you choose.  We will help you understand the basics of proper nutrition and exercise to enable you to develop your own weight loss plan

Perhaps what’s most important is that we’ll help you develop that plan.  Most people fail to lose weight because they don’t plan their weight loss strategy.  They don’t realize that they need to change their eating and exercise behaviors and that takes planning, and the plan depends on where they are on the road to change.  A fundamental part of changing behaviors is substituting those new behaviors for the old less healthy behaviors.  Many of these behaviors may be planned, routine behaviors that take place in our home location, such as, grocery shopping. Others may be associated with a trip out of town for business or pleasure when remembering to stick to healthier nutrition and exercise plans can be difficult.   Until the new behaviors become automatic, frequent, appropriately timed reminders will be necessary.  That's where we come in.
What we offer:

  • Lessons on nutrition & exercise, with tests on each lesson to help you focus on the key information

  • Insights to help you understand the behavior change process and where you fit in

  • Tools to help you work through the stage you’re in to move on to the next one

  • Tools to help you develop your weight loss plan

  • Nutrition tools to help you understand the nutritional value of what you eat and help you to make better choices

  • Health-e Text Messages to serve as reminders at times when they are most needed

    Here's a Health-e-Text that can help you make healthier choices when you grocery shop!

    Imagine getting this text an hour before shopping - "Do not food shop when hungry. Stick to your shopping list. You can't eat what you don't buy."

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